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video analytics for a real world

Footfall is just the beginning

As an enterprise whose revenue is based on scale, it’s essential for you to know the number of people flowing through your physical locations. Simply counting the individuals who enter a store, walk through a shopping mall, or use a side gate to reach the train platform will deliver incontestable data that becomes the foundation for improving your business processes. Efficient decisions and advanced analyses must be based on reality.

Follow the customer's journey

What do people do after entering the supervised location? Do they go directly to the chosen target, wander around aimlessly, or spend idle time in specific place? An integrated system of 4D sensors can track the customer’s full path as long as he or she can be seen by any of the sensors. Aleph.Vision™ records the behavior of each visitor, transforming it into knowledge about customers’ decisions and location usage characteristics. This information can be merged with other data and used for sophisticated performance optimization.

Step into the future

Real-time personalization of the customer experience — based on recognition of age, sex, identity, and even preferences — is already possible.Automatic identification changes the world, providing business with competitive powerful tools which transform distant relation between company and consumer into individual dialogue.

Got a good idea for how to use identification tools in your business? Contact us and become a partner in Aleph.Vision™ development.

Evolve smarter with information

With accurate data about people's behavior, you can perform deeper analyses and draw valuable conclusions. Examining conversion stats shows the path visitors take to becoming buyers, illustrating which features and geographic spots are the most compelling. Salesmen analytics help extract personnel tactics that will generate revenue. Harmonized data on the sequence of visited stores will lay a solid foundation for marketing actions — based on the real, confirmed preferences of customers. Furthermore, Aleph.Vision™ output can be combined with independent catchment and research data, providing uniquely accurate and useful knowledge about visitors.


Quantify to measure, measure to improve

Aleph.Vision™ is like Google Analytics for the real world. It reflects online business principles applied to the physical world, and is designed as a tool for examining human behavior in real locations and contexts. Multiple sensors track and record the whole human journey, especially crucial metrics like exact location, time, movement speed, and more.

The collected data are calculated and delivered in real-time. The online dashboard allows browsing with a variety of date ranges and filters. Some of the information that can be tracked and analyzed:

Metrics shows on information about:

* the number of people entering or exiting a defined area,
* the directions they came from and went to,
* the paths and movement characteristics,
* and context influencing their behavior.

The catalogue of features varies and may depend on industry, individual business goals, and the current state of the technology.

Conversion-rate reporting

Aleph.Vision™ not only records the number of customers entering and exiting the store but also calculates shop-window conversion rate, taking into account the traffic outside the store. Tracking people once they’re inside delivers additional information about their points of interest, active and "dead" areas, and how customers react to prepared offers and promotions. Local managers get a tool to measure the effect of merchandising experiments, while top management can control the whole enterprise through execution of relevant KPIs.

Here are some of the metrics that Aleph.Vision™ can track:

* number of people entering the store
* traffic-to-purchase conversion rate,
* points of interest in store,
* sequence of points of interest,
* and the complete customer path in the store.

Following the customer journey

Understanding how people behave at your shopping mall helps you maximize the expected results of marketing and social activities.. Tracking a visitor’s complete path through the facility provides valuable information about their habits and expectations. For example: Which brands did they start shopping from? What is the sequence of visited stores? Which brands are most popular on specific days of the week?Understanding the details of customers' presence can improve traffic management and increase the satisfaction of clients and tenants.Examining length and time of visit, non-shopping activities, speed of movement in a given context, and others factors is essential to effective marketing and retention.

Here are just a few of the basic metrics we can provide:

* general footfall (the number of visitors),
* traffic in specific areas, both entering and exiting,
* the popularity of tenants' stores,
* the conversion rate of tenants stores,
* the sequence of visited stores,
* movement characteristics (heatmaps).



Aleph.Vision™ is an advanced real-world analytics tool. It integrates data from multiple locations, using video-based sensors, and transforms the raw data into specific business information. Placed on a timeline, this information can be used to conduct a detailed analysis of both individual and aggregate customer behavior. The information is delivered as a service via the data-processing platform maintained and developed by Retailic.

Stereoscopic cameras and advanced image-processing algorithms allow sensors to be accurate at any angle, not just directly overhead a point of interest. This enables more convenient and aesthetically pleasing placement.

Camera-based 4D sensors

Aleph.Vision™ sensors are based on stereoscopic (3D) cameras with additional Wifi and Bluetooth modules. Double lenses provide more data and guarantee a higher tolerance for variable lighting conditions. Objects can be more easily distinguished, while additional modules extend detection and identification possibilities.

The slim and elegant design follows universal design principles, so Aleph.Vision™ can be used discreetly in all public areas. Cases are available in either white or black, matching most interior design schemes.

Multisensor processing

Innovative 3D stereovision algorithms for multiple sensors provide accurate tracking results and help verify and discard unwanted or erroneous information. It enables analysis of people's behavior through precise calculation of complete trajectories and characteristics of their movement.

To transform video into data in real-time, it is necessary to process it locally with Aleph.Refiner. That powerful device continuously collects and aggregates video-streams from the sensors, refines them into useful data, then sends them encrypted to the platform in the cloud.

Data & business intelligence platform

Data collected from hundreds of sensors are integrated and computed into useful information in a two-step process. First, video-streams are transformed into numbers locally and send in real-time to the data-processing platform. After the numbers are computed in the cloud, they become valuable business information which can be accessed everywhere and anytime thanks to cloud-reporting features.

Due to its scalable architecture, this platform built by Retailic can keep control and manage thousands of sensors and hundreds of locations at the same time.


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